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  • Virginia SCC No.: S224049-9
  • City of Chesapeake License No. 2019-09930
  • Federal EIN No.: 26-1671399
  • Pamela A. Parris, Private Investigator|Paralegal
  • DCJS License No. RE0130059
  • DCJS Registration No. 99-304100
  • 15 years experience as Paralegal
  • 5 years experience as licensed Private Investigator

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Hello, Welcome to The Parris Group...

I hope that the information about my firm and the services we provide in Asset Investigation and Recovery has been insightful and informative.    

I, personally believe that before anyone can make a decision to allow a complete stranger to provide a service to you, a service that involves your property, specifically your financial asset, you must first learn about the person and the business that they are involved in to ensure the safe-keeping of your property, someone who is honest and whose values are reflected in their business activities, someone who will have your best interest in mind, and someone who will deliver on every promise made to you, both verbally and written.  In order to make your decision, you must first learn about me and my mission.

My name is Pamela A. Parris, a Private Investigator of 5 years and a Paralegal of over 15 years.  I established The Parris Group after losing my father on March 25, 2013,  a retired Police Officer of over 40 years.  At the age of 81 years, while fighting a battle with COPD for several years, he continued giving and doing for others, despite his inability to do what so many of us take for granted, simply breathe.

I was with my father when he drew his last and final labored breath and from that point on, I made it my mission to do as he had taught me all of my life, give and do for others while you have the opportunity. Having never gone through the passing of a loved one, the perspective I gained from the loss of him in my life, was both a revelation and a realization.  When you lose someone as close to you as your parent, the experience tends to give cause to the reality that we are here for truly a short time. It is up to each of us to decide how we want to spend that time.  

In June 2013, I decided to take a risk and resign from my paralegal position. I love the legal field and have worked in Family Law, Real Estate, Civil and Criminal matters, Bankruptcy, Tax Law and some personal injury.  I enjoyed working with and helping so many clients through the good and bad times, but when I suffered the biggest loss of my life, I realized that I had more to give and I could not accomplish this while working for attorneys.  

Since taking that risk, I have helped so many people and made so many new friends, both nationally and internationally! I never dreamed that my work could bring such fulfillment, peace and joy.  It has been a total turnaround to my life and best of all, my mission is truly working and people are receiving property that they never knew they owned.  This great work is being accomplished through the grace of God and through the work and dedication of everyone who works with me in this endeavor.  

The research and knowledge I have been taught from the attorneys that I have had the pleasure of working with and mentored by, the paralegal skills I have gained through my education and experience, and my personal morals and ethics, both based on God's Words dictated in the Bible, have all enabled me to create a wonderful business that is helping people each and every day. To add to those qualifications, I became a Private Investigator in January 2014. This addition to my skill set has opened many doors of opportunity and has allowed my firm access to tools that are not accessible to every occupation. We are able to find more financial assets and our credentialing has allowed us unlimited networking capabilities.

I hope that if you receive correspondence and a telephone call from The Parris Group, you will believe that our only goal is to unite you with your financial assets that we have discovered in our aggressive research. Should you think you have financial assets somewhere out there and you have either lost track of them, or the company is no longer in business, we can help locate and deliver your property to you, guaranteed.

Should you ever wish to contact me directly with any questions or inquiries, please do not hesitate to do so at (757) 757-1093, or you can email me directly at I am more than happy to provide you with contact information to any of our previous clients so you can personally speak with them about our services and our staff.

I hope that you will allow The Parris Group the opportunity and privilege to share our mission with you in the future and  join us in our endeavor while proving to you that there are still honest people in this world.

God bless! ​