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The Parris Group is a BBB Accredited Unclaimed Funds Retrieval Service in Chesapeake, VA





Here are just a few of some of our former client's reviews and testimonies regarding the services of The Parris Group.  If you wish to speak with them personally, please contact us at Inquiries@theparrisgroup.org and we will provide you with their contact information.

  • Victory5:20

"The Parris Group is a highly outstanding and professional firm!  The staff was courteous, professional and very prompt in collecting my assets.  At first, I was a little skeptical, but upon reading all of the information thoroughly, I decided to let The Parris Group fulfill their promise.  I am extremely happy that I did because they did a fantastic job! Thank you, Pamela! If any potential clients would like to talk to me, I'd be more than happy to speak with them."    Kelly A., of Nevada received $9K.

"Thank you, Pamela and The Parris Group for all that you have done for our family!"   R. and C. Ball, of Virginia received $14K.

"I would recommend The Parris Group to anyone who is trying to locate unclaimed or lost assets. Pamela is more than a professional; she believes in building a relationship that is warm and welcoming. Pamela kept me up to date on every step and took the time to explain anything I didn't understand.  She went the extra mile because I had many questions and her phone lines were always open. Pamela is the "real deal"; she really cares about people and getting their assets to them!"     Jacqueline A., of Georgia received $70K.

"The Parris Group is an outstanding firm. They are true to their word of recovering assets that you may have been aware of or not. They keep you informed of the recovery process with exceptional service. Pamela is wonderful to work with and her staff is very professional. God bless her for the vision to help others who otherwise would not receive their assets owed to them."     Georgene T., of Virginia received $136K.

"When I was unexpectedly contacted by The Parris Group regarding an unclaimed financial asset, I was a bit guarded at first.  I was totally unaware that a banking institution owed me a considerable amount of money. Upon examining The Parris Group's website, I became more confident and comfortable with their intent and purpose, and agreed to allow them to recover the mystery asset on my behalf. The Parris Group took care of all the collection responsibilities and legal issues efficiently and confidentially. I had the check in my possession in a few weeks and didn't have to worry with all the hassles and legal issues involved in the collection of my funds. During the recovery process, The Parris Group kept me well informed as to the ongoing progress and answered all of my questions regarding the process. I would confidently recommend the services of The Parris Group to anyone who may think they have assets out there somewhere or if you have no idea. Thank you, Pamela and The Parris Group; well done!"    David M. of Florida received $11K. 

"Thank you very much for your assistance in obtaining my assets, The Parris Group! I also want you to know that I sincerely apologize for doubting you at first. I have been humbled by my interactions with you, Pamela, as you continued to provide me with every assurance that you were legit. I looked at my account online the next day after the wire transfer and saw the deposit. If any potential clients need a reference, please have them contact me. Thank you for all that you have done."  Nicholas J. of Massachusetts received $11K.

"Thank you for all that you have done, Pamela. You are building a wonderful business that is based on helping others. We would have never collected what was due without your research and persistence, let alone not even knowing about the assets. God bless you and thank you again to The Parris Group."   Mrs. Jones of Virginia received $19K.

"Thank you for finding and delivering what you promised, Pamela. I knew nothing about this property. You are doing a service that all who are contacted should appreciate because you are helping others that are unaware of what you find. I cannot thank you enough!"  Lajoie G., Jr. of Maryland received $21K.

"I don't know how to thank you enough for what you have done, Pamela.  Your professional services and kindness are so appreciated and I do not know how to thank you. You will go far in your profession helping others."  Leila K. of Maryland received $100K.

"My entire family and I would like to thank you, Pamela for the services and funds you have delivered to us.  We all are so thankful!" R. Fields and family of Virginia received $78K.

"Thank you so much for your hard work that you and your firm accomplished on behalf of my father-in-law! We would have never known about this property if it were not for The Parris Group!"  Pamela F. on behalf of Harold F. of Virginia received $24K.

"Pamela, you have changed my life and I can never thank you enough for what you have done for me and my family." Barbara K. of Pennsylvania received $92K.