The Parris Group believes in honesty and integrity and that both are vital to establish and build a solid and successful business. Our firm reflects these standards in every aspect of our work product, achievements, and the relationships with our clients and among all who are a valuable 

part of our team. With these standards comes responsibility and the reality of pro-active challenges.  We cannot stress enough, the importance and necessity of due diligence and research that every individual and business must undertake if ever contacted by an attorney, a business, or any entity regarding the solicitation to collect your property.

As a licensed Private Investigator registered with the Department of Criminal Justice Services, and as a Paralegal of 12+ years, I have seen many people duped by individuals and businesses alike. These individuals carried professional credentialing, yet the firms that I worked with had a constant influx of clients that needed representation because of harm that these "professionals" caused them.

It is extremely important that YOU investigate who you may allow to collect your property and decide, based on the research you find, if YOU can trust this attorney or business to deliver your property to you minus no more than 1/3 of the total amount to be collected. I have seen some businesses that charge as much as 38% to 50%! I've seen attorneys that charge no less than 30% PLUS all fees and costs. These figures are nothing more than highway robbery and the unfortunate blame belongs on the innocent victims who trusted a total stranger without doing their due diligence.  

There should be one (1) fee to cover the full collection of your property, no more, no less. That fee should be a percentage based on the total amount of the asset to be collected and YOU are supposed to receive more than the person collecting it! 

Many people think, " Well, I can always take the attorney or the business to court if they take more than agreed to in the contract".  Certainly, the U.S. Court system is there to take your complaint, but that will entail costs on your part that many people do not want or have the funds to pay. Unless you are experienced with the process of filing a civil claim against the person or business that has stolen your property, and if you want to have a good fighting chance of receiving what was taken from you, you will have no choice but to retain counsel to fight your battle. You will have to pay a retainer fee and throughout the course of the litigation, which can take months or even years, you will have to pay all fees and costs while keeping your trust account with the attorney replenished as he works through your case.

Can you and are you willing to afford this?  Is it worth the frustration and mental anguish to deal with a lawsuit which can last months or possibly years and may include a trial? Needless to say, what property was collected and delivered to you will be gone in a matter of weeks or a few months, depending on your attorney's hourly rate and how much of the asset you did receive.

Let us also note that there are attorneys, individuals and businesses that do not have the best interest in mind for their clients.  The Parris Group has first-hand knowledge of some of the deceitful and dishonest "professionals" who are only in this business for selfish reasons.  

To be pro-active, why not perform your own due diligence BEFORE a ruthless attorney or unethical business robs you of your property and gifts you with mental anguish and frustration?


Below are some tips to aid in helping you perform the necessary due diligence to protect yourself and your property.  If you are not quite savvy on the use of the internet, have a family member or friend you trust assist you.

  • Look at the material/solicitation you have received.  Is it of quality print and materials? Is it grammatically correct and professional?
  • For a business, go the State Corporation Commission (SCC) website of where the company is located and search for the business.  If they are a legitimate business they must be registered with their state's State Corporation Commission.
  • If an attorney, go to their state's State Bar and look to see if they have a license to practice law and if any complaints have been filed against the attorney. Note that the website will not give information of any current complaints while an investigation is underway, or if any disciplinary actions have been brought against the attorney. You can also check to see if the attorney has ever had their license suspended or if they have been disbarred.
  • Use a Search Engine (Google, Google Chrome, Firefox, DuckDuckGo, Yahoo) and enter their name and the city/state and research any results that come up in the search.
  • If you are dealing with a private investigator, go to the state licensing agency and research their name, license number, registration number. In Virginia, the Department of Criminal Justice Services (DCJS) has a website and a telephone number to call.
  • Ask for references from the attorney, business or individual.  Make sure you receive telephone numbers and addresses of former clients.  Don't be lazy - call several and ask many questions! Do NOT email or send written correspondence because anyone can be on the receiving end of that mailing/email address including the one you are investigating. 
  • Some businesses are registered with the BBB; go to www.BBB.org and research their database or you can call them and inquire about the business.
  • Does the attorney, business or individual have a website? If so, is it informative, in-depth and after reading it, do you walk away with a wealth of verifiable information?
  • If the fee required to collect your assets is too high, voice your thoughts and negotiate. Nothing is in concrete and any reputable entity will be flexible if their only mission is to unite individuals/businesses with their legally owned property.
  • If you feel that something isn't "right", then don't do it! The best thing you can NOT do is sign anything with someone you don't trust. You will be safe and so will your property. You then have enough information to contact a reputable business that specializes in Asset Investigations and Recovery and they can assist you.
  • If you still are unsure, contact The Parris Group and we will provide a background check for you. We do not condone taking someone else's business, however, we will provide anyone this service to ensure their protection! 

These tips will assist you in deciphering the good and reputable businesses from the unscrupulous "professionals" that are only out to rob you of your legally-owned property.  If we can be of any assistance, please contact us.  Our investigative services are guaranteed to provide you with absolutely the best results to help you make an informed decision that will protect you from becoming a victim of fraud and theft.

Pamela A. Parris remains in contact with the legal establishment (Judges, attorneys, and law firms in the Hampton Roads area) who will assist in providing her with the known reputations and work ethics of many attorneys, individuals and businesses in and around Virginia. The Parris Group can also confirm if the fee that you will be charged for the collection and delivery of your property is reasonable, or if you are being robbed.  Because we specialize and have the required experience needed in legitimate Asset Investigations and Recovery leading to successful results for our clients, we willingly share this information to educate the public.  

For any assistance, please call us at (757) 775-1093, or email us at inquiries@theparrisgroup.org.


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